Rain outside my window pouring down.
Sunday, May 31, 2009
School's out, holidays are here!
I'm so damn boredzxc.
My brother and sister was playing wii,
My sister cried cos she lost,
My brother scolded her,
My sister cried even louder.
And i have to take 4 more weeks of this nonsence.

I've said my piece.
But i have no idea what to do next.
I'm the cause of all your trouble,
And I'm sorry.
I'll figure out the right thing to do.
I should be responsible,
Not you.

7:48 PM

Sunday, May 24, 2009
Kris Allen!!!!!!!!! Pictures, Images and Photos

Such an awesome little hottie eh?
I'm under Kris Allenation now
Ah! :D
I watched the American Idol finale again this morning,
Loved it.
The part i hated most was when Adam sang with a band called KISS.
Oh my gosh what the hell.
They were like screaming or something.
BLEH! :x
I felt so touched when Kris hugged his wife at the end of the show.
Go Kris!

ROCK ON! \m/

Now i shall update more on my life.
Yesterday was the PLAY at Tanjong Beach Sentosa.
It was awesome!
Here are some pictures. (:

Me and Clara on the bus on our way to sentosa! :D

Superb photography skills eh?

Dora and renee.

Joel and Joshua

Wayne staring at the camera.

Quincey (aka Crazy) listening intensely to Jason's story.

On the Sentosa tram on the way to Tanjong Beach!

The gigantic slide! :D

Later on, Dora got sabo-ed by us and ended up getting dunked. ;D

Waiting anxiously...

BULLSEYE! :D In she goes!

And there she is, all dripping wet.

The beautiful sunset in the early evening just before p&w.

The concert stage!

P&w was super crowded and hot. D:
But still super awesome.
The lighting was all fantastic.
Reached home at 11.50pm +
It was an awesome day.

12:09 AM

13 14 on 15 August.
Currently in KHS New Town Secondary School.
E1/3 E2/3.
Attends NCC (DARE ministry) ;D

Get above average for FYE.
A drum set.
My own laptop/ desktop. (Both are good! :D)
A Jansport bag!!!!!!!!!
A pencilbox.
Converse/Everlast shoes!
A new wallet.