Rain outside my window pouring down.
Friday, November 13, 2009
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Flying off tmr, flight's at 6, so leaving house at 3:30am.
Wah then gotta stay up till 3 leh.
So excited yet i'll miss you guys.. :(
And we're not bringing a laptop so, wont update in a while. :/

Wells anyways,
Today was funn!
Not dance, but the part after that.
We were supposed to go sentosa and play, but it started raining..
So ended up went vivo and ate sakae sushi eat-all-you-can buffet for $13.90++
Super nice n worth it tho its a bit expensive. ><
Ordered sooooooo many side dishes.
Hehe all dishes below $2.99 were free somemore. :D
So full.
Then went to sky garden and played in the rain.
Splashed in this mini-pool.
Slashed until totally drenched thanks to SHAFIA!!! HAHA :)
Went to change everything.
Then play cards.
Took lots of photos... And videos!! Haha.
Photos will be uploaded on fb soon i think .

Well see you people back on 29 nov!!

5:23 AM

Tuesday, November 10, 2009
It's like I waited my whole life for this one night.
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Whole body's aching today thanks to dance.
Dance was pure torture yesterday ok.
And laoshi spent like 45 mins talking about random things such as life and all. LOL.
Went pizza hut after dance with rachel, anlynn, audrey, shafia and xin lei.
Sausage craze CRAZE! haha.
It was raining so heavily we decided to walk around to wait for the rain to stop.
In the end it got heavier. =.=
So took cab to shafia's stop.
Later my dad brought me to make new specs!
And my degree hasn't increased yeah! :D

Its so boring at home..
Sometimes I wish school hasn't closed so early. ><
Anw flying to US this saturday, will try to take lots of pictures!!

1:01 AM

Saturday, November 7, 2009
It's like being on a roller coaster ride.
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Looking at my scheldule, holidays are gonna be quite packed.
Dance, lessons, camps, overseas.. etc.
Aww man, gonna have to skip youth service this saturday.
Cos i'll be going overseas, til 29 nov!
Such a waste! Wei Heng said me and cheryl could be the clickers. :(

Anyways, had church today.
It was held in expo cos suntec had the APEC thing .
Waaa super crowded man, cos there's city harvest and FCBC church also.
We were in Hall 4, so crowded ended up had to sit on the floor. ><
Good service though . :)
Had jap food for lunch hahahahaha. Jealous? :D

Gonna be overseas for quite long.
Going US in nov and bali + jarkata in Dec. :/
Anyways, that's all i've got now see you soon.

7:13 AM

Monday, November 2, 2009
So let hope rise, and darkness tremble.
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Cute picture :)

Anyways, went for dance early in de morning.
Then me and audrey were talking behind and I totally forgot it was almost 8.
Then Lao shi came in and we started changing and tying hair everything.
And that's how her bad mood came about.
Rachel had to go early for her dental.
So me and audrey met her at dover.
Went to watch my sister's keeper at west mall.

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SO very sad. :((
I was tearing.. :'(
Hahah, but yeah, it's nice la.
Walked around west mall..
Had a nice 3 of us time.
It was raining when we walked out of the mall.
Its been raining a lot nowadays.. ><
Dont know why also.
Haha so anyways that's all for now.
I'm off!

3:39 AM

13 14 on 15 August.
Currently in KHS New Town Secondary School.
E1/3 E2/3.
Attends NCC (DARE ministry) ;D

Get above average for FYE.
A drum set.
My own laptop/ desktop. (Both are good! :D)
A Jansport bag!!!!!!!!!
A pencilbox.
Converse/Everlast shoes!
A new wallet.