Rain outside my window pouring down.
Friday, October 30, 2009
Maybe it's true I can't live without you.
Oh mannn..
Today's the last day of school. How sad. :(
The last day 2/3 would be together.
Haha, anyways wow 2/2 took like class photos and everything.
They're like so united lah. Haha.
Anyways, report book results were okay...
Got 10th in class, but 55th level. See the difference?
Math got 57!! AHH stupid mr goh set the paper so hard!

Anyways, today was preformance day!
Wan Ling couldn't dance :(
So had to make some changes to the dance.
So i guess it still turned out ok, just not as nice :/
Was super nervous backstage!
And everyone was laughing at our dance haha.
After that went to the back of the hall and watched the rest of the performance.
It was Miss Goh's and miss siti's item after us.
and mr collin koh too! :D
Haha, after the policeman finished talking went to remove make-up and change everything.
Had a hard time removing the eyeliner.
And Rasita helped me tie some plaits thing haha!
She can tie it really well!! :)
Haha, went back to class, talked, got report book back.
Quite surprised got 10th in class :P
Went Xin Lei's and rachel's house after school.
Haha, Xin Lei's dog was quite cute !
Rachel was like super scared of it. As in really really scared lor. LOL.
Anyways, left her house and went rachel's house.
Went swimming and went quite mad.
Went back upstairs, showered and wii-ed.
Went home. :D

4:09 AM

Thursday, October 29, 2009
But I want you to move on, so I'm already gone.
Can you believe it?
Tomorrow's the last day of school already!
Time flies, doesn't it?
It's like WHOOSH, another year is gone.
Getting report book tomorrow.
Gonna have to choose the combinations.
I dont know which to choose. :(
I dont even know if I can get in A math...
I'll be so sad if i cant! :((

Haha anyways,
Today was such a boring day!
Had Ebay.
Mini booths set up with some items on sale.
It was funny watching how the prefects were advertising the items. Haha.
But other than that, it was quite boring.
After that still have to go AVA room watch video.
Was talking most of the time during the video. :)
Had our long 45 min recess again. :D
Then had to do some collage thing somemore.
So just anyhow do and handed it up.
After school had dance, but without lao shi.
So it was pretty slack.
But managed to brush up on our movements.
Had a nice 5-10 min talk with the dancers :)
Pretty nervous for tomorrow's performance..
Hopefully all goes well.
And hope Wan Ling's arm recovers in time!
Haha, went to BTP with anlynn rachel audrey and xin lei.
Ate KFC, was chatting and laughing a lot :D
Talked about lots of stuff.
And was browsing around some halloween stuffs.
SO FUNNY! The princess dresses on sale could like fit me!
Had a great time with you guys, we should do it again sometime!

6:55 AM

Tuesday, October 27, 2009
You make my life all worthwhile.
"Live the life you like to live, give the love you love to give."
Haha awesome phrase :)

Anyways today was the first day of post exam activities.
Had frisbee competition.
Our class lost all but won one. :/
Always like that, that time sports carnival,
We were the only class that didnt win anything at all. :(
Haha, anyways,
Had 45 mins of recess! :D
And then Miss Olivia came into class and we played boggle, again.
But this time its computerized.
It was quite boring.
Haha, our team was like spamming the list with words that doesn't even make sense.
But in the end still lost.
The winning team would get A big box of Kinder Bueno!
But in the end i asked Jaoon if he could spare 1, and surprisingly,
Went Macs for lunch, then headed to holland for drums.

Results were not very satisfying. :(
Report book coming this Friday.
Hoping for the best! :)

2:57 AM

Saturday, October 17, 2009
Head's spinning right round right round.
Havent been blogging in a while.
Though exams are over. :D
Firstly cos there has been dance almost everyday.
Second, there's nothing much to blog about.
But guess what I'm feeling bored now so I'm posting . :)

Anyways, today was very slack.
After assembly had to do streaming things. ><
So hard to choose!
So many people wanna take combination 1, like impossible to get in. :(
Still choosing between geog or history.
Later choose then regret.
But I think i'll try getting A math.
Hopefully can get in.
Anyways, after that Mdm rossenah (however you spell it) came in the hall and started playing Boggle? HAHA.
So boring.
Than later Miss Lai came in the hall and went through math paper 2 there.
Than Miss Goh came in the hall after Miss Lai to return Geog paper.
Got 74, was so happy then i see everyone else get like higher then me. :(
Well checked the papers calculated bla bla.
Had recess.
Mrs chia lesson after that, and she let us chat in our groups. So kind. :D
Rachel comes up with the craziest dares ever.
Hehe, well yea had fun. :)
Haven't laughed so much in a while .
After a while, switched to heart attack.
Fun also. :D
Went for assembly, super boring.
Talks, talk, food from the heart bla bla.
After that, got rehersals for the arts festival thingy.
And I saw Miss goh and miss siti singing together.
So anyway, rehersed.
Went home.

5:03 AM

Thursday, October 15, 2009
You know I'll walk a thousand miles just to see you.
Exams are OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I kinda screwed some of the papers tho. T.T
History, Lit, MATH.
Oh wells, i guess i should "enjoy while I can", before results come out. Hehe :P

Anyway I was like so happy after art was over! :D
Went West mall to eat Mos burger and talk.
Wanted to watch movie but there was no nice shows except the meatball one which was only available in 3D and cost $13.
So ex ><
So in the end never watch.
Decided to go Rach's house to play guitar hero and its was DAMN FUN! :D
She had the guitar and the drums, so cool la!
Play for super long, tried the guitar and drums, surprisingly i thought the guitar was easier LOL.
I wanna go her house play again. :P
Soon ok!


1:29 AM

Friday, October 9, 2009
Break down our pride, and all the walls we've built up inside.
Blog's almost dead. But thats because of exams...
Trying hard to study hard for exams but keep getting distracted by many things.
Ahhhh.. still stuck in the first chapter of history.

Oh yea!
Today mrs chia just stomped out of our class today during physics.
Than it was sooo scary!!
Haha ok nvm just an extra fact for you :)
Brb till end of exams!

You never seem to accept my apologies for what I did last year
So i dont know what to do anymore
And you keep saying i never cared, never bothered!!!
You said you never held it against me, but....
You seem like you are holding everything against me.
I'm just so so confused.
But for now, concentrate more on your exams k.
All the best.

5:38 AM

Thursday, October 1, 2009
Opened my eyes, turned around and realised how much of a mess i had created.
1 down, 8 more to go.
Just had english exam today.
pretty easy i guess.
Somehow every paper mr woo sets seem to have something to do with the environment.
well, confident that i can get at least a B.
hope so. :/

gonna be a short post cos im gonna study for chinese tmr. @.@
i hate chinese.

1:03 AM

13 14 on 15 August.
Currently in KHS New Town Secondary School.
E1/3 E2/3.
Attends NCC (DARE ministry) ;D

Get above average for FYE.
A drum set.
My own laptop/ desktop. (Both are good! :D)
A Jansport bag!!!!!!!!!
A pencilbox.
Converse/Everlast shoes!
A new wallet.