Rain outside my window pouring down.
Wednesday, June 24, 2009
I'll be flying off to Penang tomorrow..
I chiong-ed homework today..
But still didn't mange to finish all of them.. D:
And what's more there's no extra holidays anymore. )':
Damn you PM Lee.
And because of that,
I'll have to skip the first day of school again,
Where Mdm Valli will probably make me sit alone again.
Haha well anyway, will be back on monday.
Not gonna bring my phone with me cos there's a lot of pickpockets there. :/
See ya ! :D

5:01 AM

Monday, June 22, 2009
1 more week left before school re-opens..
And I still havent done half of my homework!! :/
Still working on 2 math practice exam papers..
Been shopping alot lately.
With my auntie! :D
Bought a new swimming tank top and a pair shorts.
We also went to this fish spa thingie..
Where like fishes nibble on your leg and eat up your dead skin.
I tried it and OMG,
it was super ticklish! :P
And i finally cut my hair!!
Ah that hairstyler anyhow cut my fringe and now it looks a little like bangs!! D:<
But hopefully after it grows longer it'll return back to my normal hairstyle.. :/
Flying off to Penang this Wednesday..
Skipping first day of school again!! D:<
Unless there's the H1N1 extra holiday thing.
Which i hope will happen.
Hopefully Mdm Valli doesn't make me sit alone AGAIN.
Okay gotta continue doing my math paper again..
Post again soon.

1:56 AM

Friday, June 12, 2009
My dad purchased a drum set on monday.
And it has just arrived!! :D
Oh my gosh it's so beautiful..
And it's mine!!
Praise the Lord!
((: ((: ((:

11:48 PM

Thursday, June 11, 2009
Im sitting in front of the computer now,
Tired but happy.
4 straight days,
No handphone, no computer, no iPod, no nothing.
Just came home from the awesome adventure camp!! :D
Crawled through tunnels filled with some gooey flour, eggshells god knows what they put in there.
Wandered through the forests at night blindfolded.
Rolled in mud and grass.
Unfortunately, no pictures were taken cos our handphones had to be confiscated and kept for 'safety reasons'.
Though the journey was tough,
It was a lot of fun.
The games planned were really original and exciting.
Got so dirty I had to throw away the clothes i was wearing.
The game facilitators were awesome!
Hyper, and super funny!
And hot too.. :P
He, is, so so so, handsome and hot!!
Not only that, he's so, intelligent!!
He can speak like 7 languages! MADNESS!
Including french and hebrews!
And once, he also sang for the french ambassador or something.
His english is so fluent like OMG.
And he also has this really charming accent.
Crocodile is super duper handsome too! :D
Drug Addict is so so..
But water boy is still the most Charming, Handsome, Smart, etc etc guy in the whole of the Camp!
Haha okay..
Things got quite bad on the second day..
And we ended up losing basically all 10 stations.
But nevermind lah.
Still had an awesome campfire on the last night to make it up.
Sang lots of so called retarded songs.
Such as butter factory.
Here's how it goes.

Hi, my name is Joe.
And i work in, a butter factory.
I have a car and a dog and a family.
One day my boss comes up to me and says,
Joe are you busy? I say no.
Good, turn the butter with your right hand.

Many others but i forgot them alr.
I guess i shall stop here..
Cya (:

10:56 PM

13 14 on 15 August.
Currently in KHS New Town Secondary School.
E1/3 E2/3.
Attends NCC (DARE ministry) ;D

Get above average for FYE.
A drum set.
My own laptop/ desktop. (Both are good! :D)
A Jansport bag!!!!!!!!!
A pencilbox.
Converse/Everlast shoes!
A new wallet.