Rain outside my window pouring down.
Friday, September 25, 2009
You gave your best when I did nothing at all.
Well havent been blogging in a while.
Anyway, today was quite normal.
First up was Physics.
Yeah did some quiz stuff on first half of the year topics.
Remembered most of them ;D
After that was geog, just did notes that miss goh gave us..
Than she let us study bio for today's bio test.
So study lor.
Than the next period bio alr, every one chiong-ing bio,
Mdm valli come in and say that the test postponed to after school.
Ok lor, more time to revise. :)
Than recess.. Than English.
Did presentation, than izzul and brendan keep laughing at i dont know what.
LOL make me lose concentration. -_-
Yeah anyway, was math later.
Miss lai gave us 2 whole periods to study bio.
Wah i study until sian alr.
Ok math over alr, mdm valli came and gave us the bio test.
Was quite easy actually.
So handed up the paper and headed home.


11:21 PM

Thursday, September 24, 2009
A touch of your hand says you'll catch me whenever I fall.
Yay i'm on the computer now cos i've just completed all the tests for this week!
But language papers are coming soon.
): gotta start revising chinese soon!

First period today was math,
pretty slack, as usual.
Than was CME, mdm valli always comes in with some art n craft stuff.
So today we made these DNA things that looked pretty cool . HAHA.
After that recess was art.
We went down to some deserted field that was super muddy.
Went there to spray paint on our final year exam background.
Mine turned out to be a disaster.
So i tried again but there wasn't enough time to spray finish.
Mr ho even took the spray paint from me .. =.=
And the worst part is because it was so muddy all of us use our shoes and scrubbed it against the drains and floor and there was mud everywhere.
Mr ho asked us to clean up the mud on the floor.
So used tissue and clean LOL.
After that went to toilet and wash our shoes with wet tissues.
Than went back to class, had english test!
Compre close was really difficult!
I dont know why i felt so sleepy during the test.. :x
Sure gonna fail, or just pass. ):
Than mother tongue..
Did zuo wen, was gonna have retest on ting xie after that.
I rushed my zuo wen until no time to revise for ting xie..
So yeah sure gonna retest again. ):
Went pizza hut after that,
saw gentle wind . LOL.
And bused home.

5:52 AM

Tuesday, September 22, 2009
There's a truth in your eyes saying you'll never leave me.
Haha yay i'm on blogger now because i am currently doing my music research.
Which I have no idea on how to do it.
But anyhow la just get 1 stupid grade can alr :P

So today was ok..
First was PE and we're still doing frisbee.
Played with jessica and all against ashley..
Super tiring.
Than was math and miss lai returned out math test..
I got 16 supposedly, but i got 2 extra marks so i got.....
16+2=18 marks .
Happy that i got a distinction for it but not happy because i made so many dumb careless mistakes.
And to make things worse almost half the class got an A1 for it while i'm stuck with a A2. =.=
But yeah at least i got an A.... :D
Anyway later recess
After that was Geog, and we got back our geog test also.
And i just got a1.. 15/20
2 marks loss because of careless mistake again.
Somehow, there's still no satisfaction deep down.
But yeah anyway.
Later was music, saw 2/1 and 2/2 's music video.
Than bio, which we did practical test.
Test on URINE.
Omg right, i dont know if it was real or not .. :X
Haha but didnt really remember the steps at first but suddenly remember after seeing the ppl around me do..
So yeah my dad suddenly sms me say he's gonna pick me up and drop me at holland for drum.
So yay.

Oh man there's gonna be 2 tests tmr, home econ and lit, plus ting xie!!
Gotta study for it later. :)

The reason for doing what I am doing is because i think she is right,
Why can't you just forgive her??
Why cant you let it go??
Why must you hold on to it for so long??
You have your own buddies too right?
When have you ever tried????
I also can enjoy my life without you.
And also i've said many times I dont fit in with and your friends anyway.

2:45 AM

Monday, September 21, 2009
The smile on your face lets me know that you love me.

So anyway today is my dad's birthday. :)
Baked a cake for him in the morning.
Brownie actually.
Than used marshmallows to make a smiley face .
Waited for abt 3 hrs before he came home and we surprised him!

I cant believe how exams are only..... 10 days away.
21 days for humanities..

So what do you want me to do?

12:03 AM

Saturday, September 12, 2009
What's going on???
And so, another update to keep this boring blog alive.
Holidays so far was..... very normal.
But kinda satisfiying, because of the 10 hrs of sleep i get almost everyday. :)
Well its back to school on monday alr, time flies.
And when there's gonna be no more slacking when we get back to school cos there's going to be tests and more tests followed by exams.
And before you know it, everything's over.
In the meantime gotta really do well and REALLY study hard to get the combination i want.

Anyway, I suddenly like audition again LOL.

I dont get it,
I've tried apologising time and time again,
And you never seem to accept anyone of them
I dont know what more you want me to do !!
What did I do to make you think like that??
And right now......... I really dont know whats happening.
But in the meantime, be strong ok, really just trust him and pray.

4:43 AM

Tuesday, September 8, 2009
Your Grace shall be my Strength.
Woo~ Today is 09/09/09 . HAHAHAHAH.

Haven't touched homework yet... :/
Omg FYE is soon.
But seems like i have no motivation to study at all.
Holidays so far is just OK.
Been passing time by playing lego with my sister, playing drums, going over to neighbour's house or vice-versa, swimming.
No life right. :(
Gotta study sooooooooooooon!

7:50 PM

Friday, September 4, 2009
The guilt deep within.
Haha went Zhiting's birthday on tues!!
Super fun though it rained when we went sentosa.. ):
So didnt really get to enjoy the beach.
Decided to go Koufu after that.
Ate lunch.
Later went outside for a while since the rain wasn't that heavy anymore.
The guys started playing at the little pond place outside koufu.
Looked quite fun so me clara and rach went to change into our getting wet clothes and joined them. :)
Splash and splash only! HAHA.
Got damn wet and everone was staring at us.
Went beach for a while..
Than showered and left sentosa.
Decided to go bowling at some place.
Haha me n rach were a team, and got straight 0s all the way!!
But than we used a diff method, also known as the gay method. :)
And it works!! :)
But end up still only get like 30+ .. =.=
Yeah we went to zhiting's restaurant after that.
Played with Bing bing. :D
He's so cute but yet naughty at the same time!!
And the food there was awesome!
It was such a fun day haha :)

Anw, today was quite slack..
Had maths..
Math now is sooo slack after we've finished the whole syllabus.
Miss lai just give us worksheets...
Yah than after that was english,
Miss Olivia just did some summary correction..
Yes than recess.
Physics as usual copy copy copy.
Than chinese Yang meh meh come our class do whatever letter..
Than instead of assembly we got our PPRs back.
Omg i deproved a lot eh..
Failed math .
The rest all B and C's.
Only 2 distinctions and 1 of them was Home ecs... -.-
But nvm must work harder for FYE! :D

Today is super slack cos there's no dance. :/

my tagboard's dead . -.-

1:22 AM

13 14 on 15 August.
Currently in KHS New Town Secondary School.
E1/3 E2/3.
Attends NCC (DARE ministry) ;D

Get above average for FYE.
A drum set.
My own laptop/ desktop. (Both are good! :D)
A Jansport bag!!!!!!!!!
A pencilbox.
Converse/Everlast shoes!
A new wallet.