Rain outside my window pouring down.
Thursday, December 31, 2009
Woah, its new year alr!
Haha, well unfortunately we're not going anywhere to celebrate.
having an awesome time here in indo. heh
update more when i get back.
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Theodore is soooo cute haha!
so chubby and innocent

anyways, have a blessed new year ahead :)
hope 2010 will be a better year then 2009.

4:14 AM

Wednesday, December 23, 2009
happy day

flying off to Bali later byeeee!

6:38 PM

You hold my hand in my darkest hour
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yeahy got a laptop, but its not new, secondhand one that was bought 3 years ago.
haha, but its still in good condition and its not that bad :)
Wow, realise its almost christmas alr? in just 2 days
flying off to Bali tomorrow, coming back on the 3rd.
time really flies....
And in just 1 week we would be schooling again.

anyway, next year's batch of sec 1s is a lot man.
There are 7 classes, all 40 pupils in one class, including NA and NT.
So that means there will be 280 sec 1s next year? :o
My bro's one of them. :/
I heard miss lai would be teaching 1/1 and mrs tye would be teaching 1/2.
Well anyways, happy holidays to you : )

Oh and, thanks for the wallet aud :D

1:44 AM

Tuesday, December 15, 2009
You showed me life, you opened my eyes.
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Have not been posting in like forever?
Haha, well here I am, have been so busy, everyday have stuff on.
Its been ages since I last went fishing.
And DG came over to my house for girly time haha.
Cheryl and I kept repeating the bimbo cheer .. hehe
upload the pictures soon k..! : )
Going carolling this saturday.
Haha upload pictures when i have them bye

3:37 AM

Friday, December 11, 2009
My heart overflows, with the goodness of the Lord.
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I'm back!! :D
Received a lot from camp.
It's like so refreshing spiritually.
The games were quite boring but service was awesome.

1st day
Cheryl's dad dropped us off to Downtown east.
Left our bags in soom room and went to Wild Wild Wet to play! :D
Was quite fun, went around the shiok river around 5 times. Haha.
Later had this mass games activities.
Got a little wet. haha.
Got sunburnt. :(
Washed up and took some photos in the room.
Had service.
Before service, saw waterboy!
Cheryl went mad ok because she claimed that he came especially to her!!!!!!! =)
Service was good.
Had ministering.
Went back to room and did some exercise!! :)
Sit-ups, push-ups...

slept at 1230.

2nd day
We were supposed to wake up at 730 but woke up at 8. LOL.
Had quiet time in the morning but me and cheryl were late.
So anyway had breakfast and then service.
Primary 6 campers joined us too.
Another awesome service.
Pastor talked about how God has a timing for everything and how everything will be made beautiful in it's time.
Had ministering again.
So after service had games again.
There was this project runaway game, where you had to dress up a girl from your group with make-up and everything.
They would have to cat-walk along the red-carpet. Hahaha!
Charity was our model! : )
Anyway washed up and had service at night again.
During service felt so tired.
Had ministering again.
P&W-ed for very long and me clara cheryl went so hyper.
Cheryl started screaming at me for no particular reason. Hahah!
Jump like mad.
Reached the room and bathed.

3rd day
Was late for breakfast again.
Had service again.
Another powerful message.
Had ministering again.
Actually almost every service.
Had some level games again.
The sun was so hot..
After that went back to the room to rest and relax and get ready for the finale night.
There was this Dare got talent thing. Super entertaining haha!
There was singing, acting and dancing.
Haha a bunch of sec 4s danced the gee dance and sorry sorry dance. So funny! HAHA.
There was also very funny acting haha.
111-111-111-7! :D
"Is this a cup?"
But unfortunately P&W that night was so short!
Even shorter than the night before. :(
On our way back to the chalet cheryl and clara got so hyper man.
Clara and charity went to sleep first.
I stayed up to talk with dora and cheryl and the rest.
Went to sleep and I was supposed to wake up at 430 but i didnt hear the alarm clock!! >:(
So slept all the way until 9!! :(
Oh well.

4th day
Packed our stuff and had a de-brief and broke camp.
Went to white sands with cheryl.
Ate koptiam and sushi : )
Walked around.
Went library and read magazines haha.
Took some photos.
Mrt-ed home.


2:24 AM

Monday, December 7, 2009
Whenever things are going wrong, somehow you comee along just like a flower poking through the sidewalk crack.
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At cheryl dear's house now.
They are high on PINK?
Ang guess what..
Had CRAB for dinnerrr
Crab crab crab mr crabby
oh yes, I just tricked them and i so dont feel guilty :)
So my punishment is i have to bathe last tmr. :(
Hahaha anyways church camp tmr!

7:59 AM

Tuesday, December 1, 2009
You make me smile like the sun.
Haha, back from US :)
Have been too lazy to update since then.
So i shall update now.
Just a brief update. :P
Photos are on fb, lazy to update here.

The flight there was abt 18 hours altogether.
Over there it gets dark at like 5, cos its winter.
And the people there is super nice and friendly! :D
Anyways, Visited san diego first.
rented a car and dove to hotel.
Next day, went legoland. Quite fun. :)

almost everything on display is made of legos. so cool la!

Next day, went sea world.
Fed dolphins, and touched them. Omg they feel like cushions! :D
Many awesome shows performed by the animals.
Dolphins, whales, sealions... haha.

Next day, went San diego zoo.
Out of all i think this was the most boring. LOL.
Just walk around and look at animals.. Haha.
So nothing much.

Next day, drove to Las Vegas. Spent almost the whole afternoon driving there.
Stopped at Barstow for a while to shop.
Saw a very nice Guess shirt!! But in the end never buy. :(
Checked in hotel.
Wah there was this huge casino in the hotel.
So cool! :D

Next day, walked around LV.
Went to M&M world.
Wow, there was like 4 storeys of M&M stuff on sale.
After that went to play arcade, 2 hours unlimited playing!! :)
In the evening, went to watch a show, called "O" .
Damn nice, it was super awesome.
They did so many stunts they are just WOW. haha.
And after that went to watch the fountain show at bellagio!!
wah so nice eh.

Next day, went to a chocolate factory.
Then, went to play mini golf.
After that we went to the max musuem, which was super cool.
They have these famous people made out of wax.
They look quite real.
It quite cool! :)
There was MJ, elvis presly, britney spears, madonna...

Next day, went go-kart, DAMN FUN.
Drive in the kart, around several circuits.
haha, after that went shopping at outlets!!
Bought Levi's jeans at only US$20!!
And a levi cap.
and this cool Mr.Fuzzy thing HAHA :)

Next day, shopped one more time in vegas before going to anaheim.
Spent the day driving there.
Checked in hotel.

Next day, DISNEYLAND! :D
The best !
Everything was good except for the food. So ex. And SO SMALL.

See how small it is...
Everything there the rides, the rollercoasters and everything was FUN!
Was in disneyland for 11 hours walking around.
It was super crowded there.
Have to wait for like 30 minutes to ride some rides.
Some even 65 minutes. :/

Next day, disneyland adventure park.
Where the scarier rides are.
Sat on this free fall ride.
DAMN SCARY OK, my dad kinda forced me to ride it.
And i was screaming like mad. haha.
There was also this cool ferris wheel that was hanging onto a circular wire.
So when the ferris wheel move you would slide down the circle wire thing. Haha.

Next day, universal studios!
There was this tour that showed the places of where movies were filmed.
And how some of the things in movies were possible.
Watched 4D shows, and also a few rides.

Last day, went to some church took some photos.
Then went to the beach and walk around.
Spent the rest of the day in disneyland again. Haha.

And then, flew back to singapore!
So yes this is all for now, update soon!

4:37 AM

13 14 on 15 August.
Currently in KHS New Town Secondary School.
E1/3 E2/3.
Attends NCC (DARE ministry) ;D

Get above average for FYE.
A drum set.
My own laptop/ desktop. (Both are good! :D)
A Jansport bag!!!!!!!!!
A pencilbox.
Converse/Everlast shoes!
A new wallet.